Lookout Point Communications

the most in converged networks for fiber-to-the-home and wireless today

Network Design

Next to marketing, network design is the most critical attribute of success.  What you build must be able to change, sometimes rapidly; must work without failure; must be secure and manageable; and have no undue financial surprise.  That takes foresight and experience.   Attention to detail, annoying for many, is foundational.  Attention to delivering real world products and services — efficiently and effectively — for today and tomorrow — is what we do.

Network Design and Engineering: All aspects of your network and services architecture can be supported by Lookout Point.  At your request, we will:

  • Design access, edge, transport and interconnect components that meet your architectural goals and requirements with complete equipment and vendor recommendations and/or selections
  • Design wireless backhaul or services integration such as presence phones, transcoded video services and seamless integration with other services
  • Provide network reference diagrams, inside wiring and rack layouts, equipment room diagrams, entrance specifications (fiber and people)
  • Design complete security architectures protecting physical structures, content, access and/or unique customer requirements including manageability across platforms
  • Obtain and/or negotiate best and final equipment and material costs and budgets

Outside Plant Design and GIS Modeling:  All aspects of your outside plant can be assembled for you.   The level of outside plant design will vary with the stage of your development.  What we recommend is a consistent set of tools that can be built upon from beginning through to your operational stage.  Early GIS layouts useful for feasibility estimates can be later augmented for more finite budgets via GPS field surveys (site walkouts).  This work can be used for construction specification and bids, permitting and easements, asset inventories and eventually to operational inventory and network management.  At your request, we will:

  • Map existing assets and geographic features including towers, proposed or final fiber routes along with business, commercial, school, public safety, government and residential parcel identification
  • Incorporate service coverage maps as developed under the  FCC mapping programs for use in marketing or grant application efforts
  • Early identification of geographic features (environmental assessment issues: water/air quality, historic, rock, etc) or easement difficulties for optimizing plant and network strategies
  • Detail design with full construction ready manuals, specifications and estimates
  • Wireless topology surveys for coverage determination
  • Recommendation, selection and initial input to inventory asset management systems
  • Operational tools for ongoing trouble site reporting and GIS data incorporation

Services Design: Services are key.  It is what customers buy.  The range of services will vary depending upon intent, market competition and consumer demand.  Once determined they must operate seamlessly across multiple device types.  At your request, we will:

  • Design a services architecture that delivers today’s triple-play: Voice-over-IP (VoIP), Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and associated video services (OTT, VoD, ad insertions, etc); ISP services (Internet access, email, web hosting, cloud services) with complete equipment and vendor recommendations and/or selections
  • Design augmented services enhancing competitive or community functionality and/or improving revenues: Telepresence, Enhanced health care, advanced educational support at home and institution, cloud services and much more
  • Assist in the development of new revenue streams and monetization mechanisms well beyond triple-play services: apps, clouds, identity management confederations, industry specific services and much more

Operational/Business Support Systems: Networks today are amalgamations of vendors and products.  The lessons of scale that yield profitable operations and satisfied customers are key to successful networks.  At your request, we will:

  • Specify requirements, identify components, solicit vendors and document all design functions and entrance points to fully manage your network: provisioning; inventory management; network administration and management, trouble-ticket systems and the billing systems that capture this information and collect revenues
  • Design operation and management processes
  • Design and setup (or outsource) you Network Operations Center
  • Establish Help Desk and Customer Service processes and tools