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Implementation Services

Implementation Services – make it work without surprises

Implementation today can be a highly complex art. In larger scale convergence efforts the number of project teams and vendors represent a significant management effort. And the collection of differing talents give rise to often unforeseen conflicts during this stage.

Natural conflicts can arise between security and undefined operational network flows, or between recovery mechanisms of the physical layers, routing layers and service offerings. To manage this ever complex maze of relationships requires a special kind of experience and this has given rise to the term “services integration.”

Lookout Point can provide a range of support to ensure:

Program and Project Management: Leading deployment all aspects of project management from the documentation of design requirements, close oversight and reporting of tracking milestones and tasks, to final and successful completion; at your request, we will:

  • Provide all project management coordination and oversight
  • Provide vendor management resolving technical conflicts and ensuring deliverable
  • Ensure in-house teams are working well and meeting project schedules
  • Such that deployments meet initial goals or managed to meet marketing commitments

Solution Integration and Validation: Utilizing outsourced integration vendors, in-house staff or hiring and training a new team, Lookout Point can assist in this most critical area of project execution.  At your request, we will:

  • Ensure vendor procurement is optimized
  • Outsourced services are obtained, managed and contributing
  • Equipment configurations are installed with all necessary customizations
  • Labs environments are properly created and interoperability is achieve
  • Conduct interoperable, application, soak and stress tests
  • Ensure a holistic environment is architecture tested and coordinated with other business teams
  • Document and execute pilot deployments

Outside Plant Contract Management and Verification: Following creation of network construction manuals and testing requirements Lookout Point at your request, will:

  • Provide construction oversight
  • Document any and all deviations required from plan
  • Conduct and assemble test data/results, capturing in GIS and/or asset inventory systems
  • Monitor and report on project status

Network Roll-out and Marketing Plans: Networks vary in governance, ownership and other significant variables that affect roll-out and marketing.   Public networks need to contend with satisfying “who’s first” issues, for example.   In most cases, marketing and customer sign ups, need to begin before construction ever starts.   The difference between networks with well done marketing and roll-out execution has historically resulted in 14 to 18 percent take rate improvements.  It can be critically important to your success.   Lookout Point is happy to share what we have learned, develop and document various approaches and even work with customer marketing teams to ensure seamless  coordination with the network build.  At your request, we will:

  • Assist development in creating  solid marketing plans and strategies
  • Facilitate building community support
  • Provide community education and training
  • Coordinate and support public relations and media interactions baseline information