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Decision Support

Following initial planning many decisions need further development, need interaction from and among key stakeholders, and choices need to be made.  Lookout Point can facilitate this critical stage by bringing the you the experience of others, by conducting various analysis and by being a partner.  At your request, we will provide:

Financial Models: Client initial analysis and planning efforts establish feasibility — a generally workable path — this stage turns to “what-if.”  We will help you determine:

  • Minimum acceptable take-rates or market penetration: worst case analysis.
  • Optimum mix of products and services
  • Alternative funding models, interest burdens or approaches
  • Alternative monetization mechanisms among strategic partners
  • Finalizing the initial business financial plan
  • We also maintain relationships with the investment community and can arrange introductions that are appropriate

Operational Metrics: An outgrowth of financial modeling and initial vendor selections, staffing, and warranty data are metrics that assist in the execution of your plan or selection of differing operational approaches.  At your request, we will:

  • Facilitate the appropriate selection, or mix, of operational support systems, billing systems, and/or outsourced network management
  • Create operational metrics for service call handling, customer in-take and support response times.
  • Create metrics to balance growth and/or market penetration with staffing levels
  • Examine established metrics with industry metrics and trends
  • Provide operational service level standards internally and for customers

Governance Models: Public sector and joint venture clients have need of governance models of various types.  There is a great range in needs, intentions and solutions.   Others have provided many lessons learned.   Lookout Point will assist as requested with information and meeting facilitation to help meet your goals.   If needed, we maintain relationships with several excellent legal firms for specific documents or advice.

Requests for Proposals (RFPs): Formalizing investment grade solicitations or simply seeking the best function and price for equipment, engineering, construction or integration contracts often require RFPs.  Lookout Point’s extensive experience and deep technical knowledge can assure that RFPs are crafted comprehensively and clearly.  At your request, we will:

  • Establish specific requirements tailored to your business and technical plans
  • Identify major providers and create necessary public notices
  • Create and transmit RFPs to appropriate vendors
  • Coordinate vendor question/answer dialogues

Vendor Selection: At your request, we will aid vendor selection and do:

  • Codify submissions, perform analysis for you decision
  • Negotiate best and final offers