Lookout Point Communications

the most in converged networks for fiber-to-the-home and wireless today


Eric Lampland: President

Lookout Point Communications is the creation of Eric Lampland, his friends, partners and colleagues . Eric has been a leading force in the development of communication networks for over 30 years.

Mr. Lampland has a Bachelor of Computer Science from the Institute of Technology at the University of Minnesota. He has been President of Lookout Point Communications, an independent consultancy, since 1997 and a network architect for over 30 years, specializing today in the development of municipal fiber networks. He was part of the design team at the University of Minnesota during the early days, early construction, of the Internet. Since then he has created companies and advised large and small firms on communications architecture and future trends. He has been an active member of several international standards forums who are key to the operation and function of today’s networks including the IETF, IEEE and ATM (now MFA) Forum serving those organizations in roles from member to technical vice-chair. He has made major contributions to convergence architectures and protocols. He is a member of the Blandin Foundation’s Strategy Board on Broadband. Today he is a recognized speaker and authority on architectures being built to address new emergent post convergent applications.

His entry into Fiber-to-the-Home networks began in 2004 when he contracted as Director of Architecture and Network Engineering for Door County’s initial FTTH efforts. Exposure to the consequences on citizens and business of living in under-served markets, caused by restricted investment of legacy carriers, spurred a new focus for Lookout Point. Today his efforts are directed at enabling public efforts addressing the growing gaps emerging between the United States and the developed world and between large cities and smaller markets in communication services.

Projects with Lookout Point are staffed via the appropriate use of the best of class technical and business talent. Eric continues participation in standards bodies (MEF, IEEE, IETF, FTTH Council and others) serving in leadership roles for the benefit of his clients.

John Griffin: Principal

Mr. Griffin joined Lookout Point in 2007 and has a mechanical engineering degree (BS), and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Minnesota and is licensed by the State of Minnesota to practice as a Professional Engineer. Mr. Griffin has been in the telecommunications industry for his entire 35-year career working for both service providers and telecommunications equipment manufactures. His positions have been CEO, President and General Manager, and SVP of Marketing of various companies, including wireless, FTTH and xDSL businesses. He started working on fiber to the home projects in the early 1990’s and has been involved with the economic justification of FTTH networks, development of service offerings over these networks and marketing to consumers through-out his career. His negotiation skills for and between many service providers lends deep knowledgeable about their financials, and operations. He has worked extensively in partnering with service providers in open access networks and in the design, equipment selection and marketing of FTTH networks to potential consumers.

From 1999 to 2004, Mr. Griffin was involved with businesses exclusively focused on wireless technologies. He worked on the early roll-out of broadband wireless based products to Worldcom, when he was President and General Manager of the Wireless Group at ADC Telecommunications, and in the early 2000’s, he was the CEO of a wireless equipment business in San Diego, California.

During the last 5 years, as the FTTH market has gained traction, he has been focused exclusively on this industry. He was the SVP of Marketing at Optical Solutions, prior to its sale to Calix, which provided FTTH equipment to 66% of the FTTH systems deployed for municipalities, developers, and independent telephone companies in the US. Mr. Griffin worked closely with these companies in the development of their network design, business plans, marketing plans and the subsequent deployment and operations of these FTTH networks. He served as the Chief Marketing Officer of Zoomy Communications, Inc. a FTTH network builder of open access networks in new residential developments.

Mr. Griffin also served on the board of directors of the FTTH Council, an industry non-profit association of FTTH equipment vendors, and FTTH network owners including municipalities, and small and large telephone companies. The FTTH Council Board focuses on lobbying at the state and federal level to develop the FTTH industry for the benefit of the United States.