Lookout Point Communications

the most in converged networks for fiber-to-the-home and wireless today


Lookout Point Communications was established in 1997 to offer consulting in various aspects of communications technology. Through many valued customers we have had the opportunity to assist individuals, companies, schools and governments to understand choices in communication networks and implement positive solutions.

Our mission is to use the latest view of this changing landscape to enable not just technology change, but view point or opportunity change. Our core strengths in communications architecture, deep technical understanding, have matured to holistic transformation support. The demands of today’s complex networks require much: business plan support, organizational needs, vendor evaluation and management, services integration and a host of one-time outside assistance needs. We bring experience to making success happen.

Since the beginning of the Internet winners have been those who see where we could go and then ensure that they are there when it arrives. Networks take time to build, even to change. We provide good planning, great architecture and rapid implementations

Doing that well is what Eric Lampland does. He built many of those networks and founded Lookout Point. Today he is still helping people win, sharing success with partners of excellence, still excited about all that is yet to come.

Our value is helping clients see the paths, develop a vision, and enable technologies to arrive there – on time, meeting your values, meeting your needs.